MSGIP – Mean Shift Genomic Island Preditor

Drito, DM; Maracaja-Coutinho, V; Farias, ST; Batista, LV; Rego, TG. (2016). A novel method to predict genomic islands based on mean shift clustering algorithm. PLOS OneDOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0146352

MSGIP is an automated tool for the prediction of genomic islands based on mean shift algorithm. MSGIP was developed in Java and is compatible with any operation system with Java Runtime Environment installed. The usage requires only a FASTA “.fna” file, containing the complete genomic sequence of the investigated bacteria


initial screen Figure 1 – Initial screen for the user-friendly version of MSGIP tool. The user define the parameters described on the manuscript from Brito et al. and upload the genomic sequence in FASTA format (.fna) in order to predict all potential genomic islands based on Mean Shift algorithm methodology.


result screen Figure 2 – Results screen for the user-friendly version of MSGIP tool. The predicted genomic islands are listed together with its genomic position on the sequence. The result can be saved and exported to a .txt file by clicking on the Save button.


Downloading and Executing

MSGIP source code and user-friendly version are freely available and be can downloaded below:

After downloading, please see the “read me” file provided.

You can also find MSGIP in  our GitHub account. All information to install and run it can also be accessed there. Any questions please feel free to contact as on the e-mail provided on the end of this page.

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– Java Runtime Environment



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