We are part of the Parallella University Program!

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Our group was recently approved to be part of the Parallella University Program (PUP). The goal of the program is to support the academic research on an inexpensive and open source massively parallel computing hardware.  Research groups part of the program were evaluated based on the:

  • Potential impact of proposed research or education program;
  • Track record within the area of parallel computing;
  • Level of openness in journal and source code publication.

The Parallella University Program will seek to maximize diversity both in terms of research areas and geographical representation. Participates in the program will be provided with free hardware and development software as described in the Parallella University Program Agreement.  The Parallella University Program runs on a calendar year basis and ends on December 31.

To know more about Parallella access: www.parallella.org and its Kickstarter campaign.

Our Parallela Board has been shipped today!!!  =)